Education is a right, not a privilege

We are living in a society where human rights are strongly valued. Why? Because we all have different lives, different socioeconomic status and different voices, some are heard, some are ignored. Human rights, including freedom of speech, place us all in equality, providing us with the ability to speak up. They also provide us with the basic needs that everyone must have, and among those needs is education.

Education is a need and is a right that everyone deserves. Why is it so important? There are roughly 7 billion people and 1,9 billion children all around the globe. They have never been at the same start and they will never be. There are people who are born in poverty, lacked basic needs and must struggle to earn a living, while others are born with silver spoons in their mouths. The distance between these people in the society seems significant and unchangeable. However, education can make a change. Children are the key to the world of tomorrow. And if these “keys to the world of tomorrow” are well educated, they can make a change for a better world that we all hope to see one day. Some argue that Bill Gates dropped out of college but he would not become a man today without Mrs Caffiere who instilled his passion for learning when he was a fourth grader. That is one of the reasons why education is important. Why, then, is it a right?

In “Ratatouille”, a Pixar movie, there is a saying: “Not anyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” Education is a fundamental right because without it mankind will suffer from ignorance and depreciation of talents. Without it, no progress of civilization nor the cultivation and sharing of knowledge will be made. When a child is denied the access to education, for whatever reason, he or she is deprived of the ability to grow, intellectually and physically. If a child is born in poverty, then it is his/her right to be educated, to know what must be done to improve his/her future. Think of education as communal grace, not to be earned but granted, not to be asked but given. Children of all colors, races, and backgrounds ought to have unalienable rights to education so that they may grow into intellectual citizens who would, later on, contribute their capability to the world. It is only fair because we may not have the same start but we share the same journey in life. Not anyone can become a genius, but a genius can come from anywhere.

All in all, education has been and will always be a right, not privilege. It is human rights that let us decide the place we stand in society, and everybody deserves a chance to be educated and to contribute.

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