Work Smart, not Work Hard

It is common that today Vietnamese parents urge their children to work harder than any of them should with the prejudice: “The more time spent on studying, the better”. Bosses in companies also have this misconception, forcing employees to stay at company after-hour. Thus, many of us simply do not have enough rest in the midst of intensive work. This leaves a question tug in our core that whether or not hard-working is the only key to efficiency?

“Work smart, not work hard” means working with an appropriate strategy, and with a clear purpose. This allows everybody to gain multiple benefits and higher efficiency, as a result, can often be ensured. Many successful students share that they always have guiding plans to get ready for impending tests. A concrete pre-studying strategy is therefore crucial because it minimizes the intensity of stress and helps us to be highly efficient.

Time pressure more often than not, acts as a catalyst to unnecessary tensions such as anxiety and apprehension. Time is indeed precious, therefore, “Work Smart” will allow people to utilise their time and this greatly contributes to the overall productivity as well as the job satisfaction.

Failure to follow these steps usually leads to stress and low efficiency. A survey grade 12 Vietnamese students indicated more than 50% of students reported that they suffer from stress every day. More than 20% confessed the reason is that they spend whole day procrastinating and doing pointless things. This leaves a bitter consequence that they always have to use their day-offs to work and study in lieu of indulging in leisure activities to support their wellbeing. Avoiding this problem is vital and we have to understand the tactics to study rather than the awfully time spent on it.

The notion “work smart, not work hard” should never be overlooked, especially by those who seek academic success. Therefore this author strongly state that to get the best outcome, we must have good working strategies- WORK SMART, NOT WORK HARD.

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