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I. What do we do?

Changing stereotypical mindset needs more than mere social media posts or inspirational cliches, it instead takes practical work and tremendous effort. Therefore, we and our partners formed and organised workshops, joint meetings, and engaging competitions. From that, creating an educative playground encouraging like-minded youngsters nationwide to share their ideas and raise their opinion in the rapidly changing world.    

II. Workshops:

At Foster, youngsters’ voices are truly matters. In this sense, workshops of Foster are created to empower participants in finding their voice and freely expressing it. Through open dialogue, engaging conversation and friendly environment with admirable guest speakers, participants are encouraged to truly speak up, therefore, unleash their hidden potential. Moreover, our workshops are also prerequisite events that are usually utilized for the purpose of supporting and promoting a major event at the end – FCD to be specific. Prior to FCD, we obviously had to equip the participants with the in-depth knowledge and other concepts of the new platform through training sessions. Hence, debaters would be well-grounded and they wouldn’t be like fish out of water at the first moments. Those training days were conducted under the guidance of experienced debaters and considerate mentors, whose backgrounds are admirable and prestigious.  

III. Foster Congressional Debate


Foster Congressional Debate is the biggest, the prominent event of Foster in the year. FCD is the most worth-while occasion when youngsters can apply to compete against other talented individuals. Inspired by the format of the real-life congress, each participant will play a role of a senator who will have to debate against the others in order to approve or oppose a specific bill. The point-grading criteria are simple and the performance is evaluated by fair and wise judges. In FCD season 1, although it was the first time operating a large-scale competition, Foster staff still managed to bring it to the successful end. In regard to its former success last year, FCD continues to maintain its thriving pace in season 2. In fact, only in this year, FCD 2 captivated more than a hundred competitors all over Ho Chi Minh City, from more than 30 different schools not only in Vietnam and but also from overseas students combined. As a result, FCD season 2 with the effort of Foster team, judges’ impartiality, and last but not least, participants’ enthusiasm, has flourished. Last but not least, since the quality of the competition is improving each year, and with the hard work of Foster team throughout the year, we can undoubtedly anticipate an amazing third season of FCD next summer.


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