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I. We are Foster :

Foster is a platform in which any English-speaking enthusiasts can engage so as to improve their skills and nurture their potentials. Foster’s main aim is to form a congenial network among youngsters – our future leaders in order to encourage them to Speak up and Lead on.

Khanh Nam Bui – Co founder

It takes a lot of courage to speak up and lead on, but the rewards will be great. That courage comes from the vulnerability to let yourself be heard and seen, no matter your age or background. And when a lot of people are touched by that vulnerability and decide to follow you, change will happen.

Hoang Ngoc Xuan Mai – Co Founder

There’s no time for comparing and complaining – your country will never change unless you do.

Son Hoang Pham – Co Founder

Everybody has to start somewhere and there’s no today without yesterday.

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II. A Foster is born :

The story of us started 2 years ago and it began with three talented teenagers, whose desires were to foster both teenagers’ potential abilities in English and the confidence to voice their thoughts. During that time, English-related activities started to flourish and they allured numerous Vietnamese youngsters, specifically in Ho Chi Minh city. Many English forums, debate competitions, and public speaking events, especially the MUN platform, were formed. Having seen those latent needs, talents, and huge potentials of Vietnamese youngsters, Foster was founded- a youth organization.  In order to meet the necessities in cultivating English skills for Vietnamese young citizens, which would eventually help them integrate into global society, Foster for the past 2 years has hosted numerous events and competitions for the students. Foster prides itself not only as the first organization in Vietnam, one of our many first, introduced and hosted successful Congressional Debate competition but also our ability in sparking the interest, amongst teenagers, for social issues and global debate. All members at Foster are full of young hearts yet carrying the old soul only to triumphantly dedicate their energy and passion for the success of the organization.        

III. Foster Voice in the digital age:

Foster’s campaigns came along with various ways and each of them brought certain benefits for differentiated aims. In the modern world, with the advancement of technology, the prominent method is undoubtedly the Internet. Via social media like Facebook, our substantial articles and announcements became remarkably widespread and reached thousands of students. Up to this time, Foster’s online campaigns have achieved noticeable success. Our facebook page is now having more than seven thousands of followers, thanks to the effort of PR team members and the high-quality writing pieces. Moreover, each published post also yield attention from a great number of people as hundreds of them reacted and interacted with the posts. Unlike other platforms like MUN, we focus more on domestic issues rather than international ones and that’s also a reason why our articles stand out. Throughout the years, we have received good responses from the audiences and readers for our diversity. For instance, our posts are not only regarding big-scale issues such as nepotism and feminism yet they are also about the delicate changes in our society through times. Therefore, online campaigns have been an amazing success for Foster itself.

Besides the posts, we also hosted a variety of competitions in debating and writing for students to embrace our goals. The participation from young students is simply astonishing and reminding members of Foster about the important mission that each of us are carrying: Speak up and Lead on.   

IV. Foster and the bond from within:

Give it to any events or campaigns, our headquarters always schedule bonding sessions for cross-department members where their original ideas will take a fly and even lay the foundation for the master plan of the event. Our PR members take care of the online campaign via social media while the Logistic team distributes leaflets and posters in high schools as well as dedicates their time to look for the venue and prepare materials. But the ode for being able to breathe the unique life into the PR concepts and its products can only give it to the extraordinary Foster’s design team. Their craftsmanship and meticulousness are so much to praise for. In the end, the perfect harmony and amiable collaboration of Foster members are the incomparable cherries on top of all the achievements.

V. A peek of Foster’s event:

We host a variety of events in which participants can be able to cultivate their skills. Ranging not only from debate training, public speaking sessions but also close-knit coffee talks where like-minded youngsters come to voice their thoughts and share their passion. To top it off, our guest speakers always paint each event red with their unique colors, leaving the audience something to ponder upon or even planting a seed of hope within each.       

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Besides Foster, there are many other non-profit organizations whose goal is not only to bolster up teenagers’ confidence in their ability but also pique their intellectual curiosity about social affairs. Thus, they are great partners with Foster and we usually embrace the opportunities we had in order to advocate for the development of the youth. 

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