Team Format

Greetings, Pathfinders. It’s no doubt that you are all excited to join our program. Some of you probably are filling out the application right now. As your personal guild and assistant, however, I would like to caution you. Unlike what most people think, there is no lone wolf in exploration. Any great explorer needs an equally skilled team by their side. So, before you apply, find yourself some partners.

Aside from the fundamental obligations that all of our Pathfinders have to do like explore, research and find a solution to the problems we may face, each Pathfinder in a team can dedicate themselves to one of these focuses.

1. The Speaker:

As the speaker of the team, you take centre stage. You are the charismatic face of your team and it’s your job to explain why your solution works and convince the other teams why they need to support your option. You are the silver-tongued orator that will push your team idea across the finish line.

2. The Questioner:

As the questioner, you are the skeptic that would leave no stone unturned and no option unexamined. It is your job to analyze every piece of information, go through every talking point and cut through every rhetoric in your fellow Pathfinders speeches to find the true pros and cons in every solution that might appear on the speakers’ floor.

3. The Lobbyist:

No deal came through without a bit of diplomacy and as the team’s lobbyist, you will deal with all the intricacy behind the scene. You are the one who will persuade the other teams to support your solutions through the web of relations, incentives and alliances. You are the one that makes sure that your solutions can pass before even the author’s speech.

Even though these are all very specialized functions, It doesn’t mean that you are bound to any single position. It’s your team and your solutions after all, so why not have some fun and flexibility. The team composition doesn’t matter as much when you have a well-oiled team. Make yourself some partners and get ready to explore Foster. And if you haven’t, apply anyway and we will ensure you get a perfect team!