A Guide to FCD

Table of Contents
Anchor text

Explain what FCD is. This should be structured as a beginner’s guide to FCD. Should be detailed and structured in a way that is easy to understand. (Tone: be very attentive and patient, you must sound welcoming)

Mention that it’s okay to be a bit puzzled at first, but it will get easier with time.

Things to covered (must include pictures, preferably from FCD)

+ Explain what Congressional Debate is? What is the goal of Congressional Debate? [Insert some pictures from FCDs]
+ Who attend FCD? What are their roles? [Insert picture of the chamber room]
+ Explain what a bill is? How writing a bill will help you think critically. How a bill is written?
Give an example of a bill and analyze it. Explain what a good bill should look like, and what a bad bill look like…analyze them. (give examples)
+ Explain some terms that will be use in the debate.

+ Explain the formal procedure. (with picture if possible)
+ Go through a demo of how the rules played out. Explain how the debate is a chance to practice critical, analytical and also social awareness. [Insert picture of a senator making a speech]
+ Explain the dynamic of debate (how the debate happen? how to made a good debater, how to use evidence, how to question the right question (Do and Don’t of debate))
Here give some example if possible. [Insert some picture of good debaters]
+ Team dynamic of FCD. (How the team format affect the game) [insert of pictures of teams]
+ How you will be graded? And what do that mean? Who will be the judges? [insert picture of judges from FCD]
+ Prizes allocation? (Don’t be too specific since this is dependent on each year) [Insert picture of ppl receiving prizes]
+ Testimonials from previous winners if possible. Add picture.
+ Concluding remarks. Mention how even though it is quite intimidating but once you get used to it it’s quite easy and engaging. Mention the benefits of FCD. Mention them to follow our page for this year competition (insert link here)

Add some link to resources also:
+ Mock Congressional Debate of FOSTER ( a video made by FOSTER in the first year).
+ FCDConnect (The chatbot subscription service of FOSTER)
+ Videos of Congressional Debate found on Youtube.