Workshops Template

I. Heading 1

Brief introduction about the workshop here. Explain what the workshop was about. Where it was hosted. By who. Why?

[Insert picture of the event]

List out how many people attended the events. What schools do they come from?

II. Heading 2

Talk about the speakers and the content that was present in the workshop. List out any noticeable points made during the workshops as well as its speakers (insert image of the speakers).

Talk about how the audience received the workshop. How they react or interact with the speakers/ join the discussion.

[Insert picture of audience listening to the speech here/ or pictures of audience doing something]

Talk about the testimonials made by the workshop-goers. How they feel about the workshop. Quote them and add picture if possible.

III. Heading 3

Conclusion of the event. Describe how it was a success. Explain the impact of the workshop to the youth of Vietnam.

[Insert some remaining pictures here]